Temperatures in the west running 10-20 degrees below average

Also, more than a foot (more than 30 cm) additional snowfall is forecast for some of the major mountain ranges in Arizona, southern Utah, and southwestern Colorado through Friday night.

Cold, snow and a wintry mix will be prevalent across the northern Mid-Atlantic, stretching into Northeast and Upper Great Lakes Wednesday evening.

Sleet, and then rain, is expected for areas near and east of I-95. Freezing rain is also likely farther inland across western Virginia, West Virginia, western Maryland, and into Pennsylvania. Significant icing is also possible for some interior valley locations.

Out West, high temperatures will continue to run 10-20 degrees below average along and west of the Continental Divide through the end of the week.

A storm system is forecast to slowly churn across the Southwest and exit into the Southern Plains by Friday evening, bringing heavy snow to the higher elevations of the Southwest and Southern Rockies.


9 thoughts on “Temperatures in the west running 10-20 degrees below average”

  1. Snow in Las Vegas appears to be a weird phenomenon. It’s coming out of nowhere, the opposite of usual. Possibly because of yhe Colorado river.

  2. I live in the San Fran Bay Area.
    Neighbor heats his home with a wood stove. Usually takes him two years to through a cord of hard wood. Oak or almond.
    This year he’s already gone through 2 cords.
    My gas bill is through the roof.

  3. It’s also equally very possible that they don’t have full radar coverage in that area. Either way, Las Vegas is in a persistent band of snow. I’ve only seen a few flurries there myself.

  4. Yes, I can vouch for this. I live in Southern California and lately it has been in the low 40’s when I wake up around 6:30. We never get out of the 50’s which is also unusual. We normally have winters that just stay in the mid 70’s but 2019 winter has been very cold with lots of rain. Also, our sky has more cloud coverage on a daily basis which I enjoy. We never use to have such gorgeous white puffy clouds in the sky but I think this has been going on now for over a year.

  5. Indeed – I’d just tweeted this yesterday, for the first 19 days of Feb. Los Angeles (just added the 20th to it):

    So – went back to the 1st of Feb. The departure for the high temp for each day was as follows – going backwards in time: -12, -10, -11, -9, -8, -6, -8, +1, -7, -10, -8, -5, -6, -11, -12, -8, -8, -9, -4, -11.

    We’d been promised that if we get more rain that it would come via warmer systems

  6. It’s very significant snow in Las Vegas, at least the higher suburbs, more than is currently being reported, and for that to happen twice this week, it’s also very cold in Montana.

  7. Take note folks:-
    This situation has noticibly been repeated for several years and generally been explained away using various “labels”! Snowbombs, polar blast, polar vortex or some such diversionary description.
    Any description has been used to divert attention away from the FACT that these “phenomena ” are repeating themselves & getting more extreme with each passing season. The phenomena will not suddenly go away, or ease off, it will get worse and when crops & other agricultural produce become more & more scarce someone in government is going to have to break the very serious news about the true state of climate affairs. Can anyone imagine the onset of panic???
    The planet is cooling dramatically & for purely political reasons the truth is being denied!
    Wouldn’t care to be a politician when the shit hits the fan. It’s only about 10 / 15 years away.

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