This is not about the virus

All under the guise of a virus with a 99% recovery rate.


This is not about the virus

Yes, this is from the CDC. They originally told us that masks were not recommended.

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  1. They “follow the science” only when it promotes what they want – control over their citizenry. They will ignore it if it contains information that will suppress the “fear” that they want instilled, so that mandatory vaccinations will become a reality. Since the “virus” isn’t isolated, thus recognized genetically, they will push for DNA treatment vaccines that will induce targeted immunity to specific life threatening aspects of the virus – we will be told – but the “gene therapy” actually applied may well be infertility in men and women so as to finally force “population reduction” and turn the planet into whatever it is that they envision.

    Of course, it is possible that 5G and other forms of high energy RF radiation may turn the planet into a dead world first.

    Here we are, entering the early period of the magnetic reversal, where we will be bombarded by high energy radiation from the galaxy and beyond, as well as the Sun, and we are pressing forward with a program – 5G from satellites in particular – that can only compound the issue. It feels like I am living in a science fiction book where disguised aliens are trying to destroy all life on Earth so they can make it into their own world. Nothing like living in a nightmare.

    • be consoled with the thought a decent CME will sort out 5g all eeyore musks annoying cubesats and most of the rest of em, too.
      as for the mRna experimental vax? well see Zerohedge theyre saying that theyre going to mandate all the college students to have it
      if they dont manage to kill the trials crews..(of course it might take a month or two to develop issues but the rush will means its already used outside)
      so if its dodgy then the selfsame young fools risking spreading it to the at risk elders etc might live to regret being fools and holding arms out happily cos they trust science so much, ie warmists provax pro anything new;-)

  2. The biggest fraud in history!!
    BASTARDS elitists!
    They should be bombed from the face of the planet!

  3. Not a hoax but not anywhere near as bad as it is being portrayed.

    14% of Sweden’s population has developed antibodies, which suggests previous exposure to the virus. This is an absolute minimum as we don’t know how long the antibodies last in humans. If it is similar to other corona viruses then the antibodies might be shorter lived.

    This means a MINIMUM of 1,432,200 Swedes have had COVID-19. 4,939 have died. This is a MAXIMUM case fatality rate of 0.35% which is a very bad influenza season type number.

  4. Imagine the possibilities if science hadn’t been usurped as a means to control narratives in order to control the people: in-other-words, used to seek answers and truth! I believe Einstein made some comment about us never knowing 1/1000 of the secrets of our world … and certainly we won’t learn anything if we choose ‘settled science’ over constant discovery!

  5. Not a hoax but chinese planing. They destroyed the World economy, bought factories at minimum price and sending chinese people to work. In N Italy work over 30 000 chinese people.
    China is building factories and business centers in Africa.
    As soon as President Trump started to reopen the economy Beijing got hit by a new wave of COVID-19 (what a coincidence) and 400 000 people in “quarantine” for 13 “new” cases (but they go to work and chinese economy is just fine).
    China is trying to colonise the whole World. Peacefully.
    Democrats started to scream agents reopening and to close everything again. Soros foundation donated 30 000 000 to BLM so the riots can go on. MSM stopped transmitting informations about riots. Last week they tried to clean downtown Seattle and people laid down in front of the equipment so the barricades won’t be moved. MSM did’t say a word.
    Just imagine what’s gonna happen when Trump will get the second term!
    In America they said that african-american population have a greater risk of infection, but in Africa where hygiene is not a priority people have a normal life; no isolation, no masks and no economy to close:-)
    TRM is talking about Swedes. I’ve seen a graph that shows no new cases of COVID and no more deaths from the virus.

  6. We’ve established the fact that this is not about a virus. Next question: Why lockdown people, keep them wearing masks and shutdown the world economy?

    Who stands to gain from this?

    • Eric, it’s a certain group of billionaires who are engineering the NWO which is slated to have a far smaller population with everyone controlled and watched 24/7. The billionaires are of course the rulers of this cruel lala land.

      I know it’s hard to believe that it’s actually happening, but it is. Not sometime in the future, but Now and to us.

  7. Stalin Vs JFK – Tony Heller

    Facebook Content Moderator "If someone's Wearing a MAGA Hat, I'm going to Delete them for Terrorism"!!

    Another Facebook Insider Details Political Censorship EXPOSED

    These insouciant kids deserve the tyranny they are shoehorning into place… Yuri and G. Edwardmust be thinking, “Nobody listened”

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