UK weather – Spring ‘postponed’

Temperatures expected to drop to -8C in some areas.

The Met Office has issued an amber cold weather alert and two yellow severe weather warnings for snow.

The snow warnings for Monday and Tuesday cover London and the south east, parts of the Midlands and most of eastern Britain.

Some areas could see five to 10 cm of snow, other areas may experience much lighter flurries.

Minimum temperatures next week are forecast between -5C to -8C. However, according to Met Office meteorologist Martin Bowles, “The feels-like temperature will be 5C lower than what we see on the thermometer because of a strong easterly wind chill.”

“We haven’t had temperatures that low in late February since 2013. It’s not unheard of. There are records that are lower than that. “But it is quite unusual, particularly as it’s quite late in the season.”

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11 thoughts on “UK weather – Spring ‘postponed’”

  1. Hereabouts it is Summer which never fails to drag on deep into March when everyone is thouroughly tired of 40C days, but not this year. While every year we get an early Spring an early Autumn is unheard of. Nevertheless the fantasy is finally here! About a week ago the wind turned solidly out of the West and is cool. Most of Febuary which is the last month of Summer here is made up of many days 40C plus but instead its been 30C plus. Todays max is forcast for 22C with rain on the way. This is great for my part of the world which will fare well during the GSM.

  2. One should be aware that certain Alarmists will practice the usual sleight-of-hand, and will attempt to point at mild weather elsewhere in order to distract people from cold blasting into Europe from the east. In this case they could point at above-normal temperatures at the Pole, which often go hand in hand with classic manifestations of the NOA (North Atlantic Oscillation).

    I think this could backfire, for Alarmists always look silly when they call a press conference to announce warming, and a blizzard then occurs at the same place and time.

    If this NAO develops in the classic manner there also will be storms and cold in the USA, starting in around a week.

  3. Not only England , but most of Europe is going to experience record low temperatures for the end of February and the beginning of March. December and January were pretty mild because of the strong Gulf Stream, but as soon as the winds changed from the East the picture changed dramatically. Bitter cold of -20 degrees Celsius is expected in many parts of Europe.

    • In scotland, most of jan & feb has been cold with frequent snow and many ice days, this was from westerlies, which are usually mild and rain. Usually not uncommon to get temps typically 7- 8 degrees and more. Not this year though, bitter. Now we got beast from the east, cold again.

  4. live in Wales, UK.
    I have been warning all winter that a High Pressure over Scandinavia would drag bitterly cold air clockwise across Europe and cause SEVERE weather,
    Well, it is coming next week !
    As moist air crossing the Atlantic meets light winds from Siberia, HEAVY SNOW will fall in eastern UK.
    If the High then slowly slips eastward, and more moisture comes in on Atlantic Lows, there could be appreciable snow right across the UK.
    It happened in late February/Early March in 1947.

    There was HUGE SNOW at that time , the month I was born.
    A female friend born in February 1947 was named “Eira”, Welsh for “snow”.

  5. Lyn Jenkins
    Do you think this will just be this/next week or is there more to come?
    Clicked your name when I went to copy paste now I’m jealous you look like you live in such a lovely place ha 🙂

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