Ukraine – 78 settlements without power

21 Jan 2016 – A total of 78 settlements in three regions in Ukraine’s south remain without electricity, according to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. 

The settlements that were left without power as a result of wind, snowfall and icing.

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  1. I have been researching earth science for 20 years and and the final results is we are a binary system not a solar system get your ready for the big show

  2. Edwin,

    I take it your suggesting the “proposed” Neptune sized Kuiper belt object is a Brown Dwarf failed star, as Sol’s binary companion, rather than a fifth Jovian gas giant that had been flung out into the Kuiper belt by the interaction of Jupiter and Saturn as they migrated out to their current orbits during the heavy bombardment period of the Solar system.

    I use the guardian’s graphics as an example

    With a ten thousand year orbit it could start and stop each interglacial period in conjunction with the other 4 Jovian gas giants, causing the Sun to either shut down to a simmer or over cook into a very warm epoch at the end of an Ice Age cycle. Its gravitation impacts on the Solar System BarryCentre and the Sun orbit around it may only be felt for the nearest portion of its orbit.

    I think there is much more to play for with planetary science with this possibility.

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