Up to 13 inches of snow could hit UK in coming days

“HEAVY SNOW to hit in days as Britain plunges into MONTH-LONG -14C deep FREEZE,” shouts the Express headline. (And I know that EVERYONE believes EVERY word that the Express utters.)

“Up to 13 inches of snow could hit the UK in the coming days with temperatures predicted to plummet this weekend.”

“BBC WEATHER forecast an area of low pressure to bring snow and “large waves” to Europe, particularly affecting northern Europe and Scandinavia.”




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  1. Yes on high ground to the North and West of Birmingham.
    March in the UK is normally the snowiest month of the year, for the simple fact the winter cooling of the seas reduces SST to around 6C or less. If the winds turn to an easterly direction then it can fall to OC with small pack ice.
    Given the massive amount of cooling which has taken place in the Atlantic, and coupled with the reversal of the Southerly Jet Stream for most of February, the wind is now in the European spring snow direction. Winter might relent prior to Easter.

  2. Robert,
    To my memory it seems that the U.K. has been hit with far more extreme winters the past few years. Have you any graphs or data on the uptick in their extreme winters and could you post them?
    I do not recall the U.K. Winters being so extreme.

    • The last multi year period of extreem winter was during the Gliessberg period and four solar cycles SC11,12,13 and 14 the entire period last from 1890 to 1940.

      Previous to that was the Dalton GSM 1790 to 1820, the source of the Victorian snowy christmas card , and Dicken view of a cold london as the setting for his Chrismas tale.

      The UK also experiences a harsh winter once on averg every 11to 12 years, alway during the Solar Minimum period.

    • I wouldn’t say our winters are more extreme. They have been wetter of late. They daily temperatures can vary quite a lot which I put down to the changed pattern of the jetstream. We don’t seem to have the longer spells of frosty weather we used to have. We had a few days of frost, even up to a week or more but now it can just be a day or two before it warms up again.

    • Andie, you must distinguish between what the newspapers say and what the data says.

      This winter has been pretty mild and Scottish skiing almost a complete washout.

      The past decade was similar to the 1980s – some fery cold snd snowy winters, the odd very mild and rainy ones.

  3. The only image I remember of extreme winter weather in the UK comes from the BBC news on or about 7 January 2010 with a satellite image of the UK blanketed from head to toe with snow.

    As usual it was merely a “cold snap” !


    Given that occurred ~2 years after the last solar minimum and the coming one is supposedly potentially even “deeper” perhaps there may be a repeat – or not – anything can, and probably will, happen.

    Great image though.

  4. Ha Ha Ha the Express isn’t worth wrapping your Fish and Chips in after saying we were in for 3 months of Blizzards and freezing temps it has turned out to be one of the driest mildest Winters on record!


    Honestly, quoting those rags is the equivalent of rolling yourself in dog poop.

  6. Serious question, could all the record breaking snow falls be to increased moisture in the atmosphere due global warming? I do not believe in global warming so I am curious, is this (record snows) just weather or is something else in play? thanks to anyone that tries to answer my question.

    • Serious question, could all the record breaking snow falls be to increased moisture in the atmosphere due global warming?

      Short answer: yes. Longer answer: no one knows for certain how new ice ages begin. It’s possible that greater water vapour allows more precipitation to fall as snow in the winter months, more clouds during the summer months, which leads to more albedo and snow/ice formation. Then it’s self-reinforcing because seriously, CO2 is not as doom-and-gloom as it’s made out to be.

  7. The word ‘extreme’ is misused in media for it is used to impress people but not in the way it is used in a math. content. The

  8. UK weather forecast: SNOW and ice cause travel chaos as Storm Gareth nears 11 MAR 2019
    The Met Office has issued snow and ice warnings across much of the UK with Storm Gareth set to hit with 70mph winds
    Snow and black ice are causing travel disruption for commuters after a weekend of severe gales that ripped apart roofs, downed trees and cut power to homes.
    The Met Office’s snow and ice warning for Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and most of England remains in place until 10am.
    It said widespread icy patches have developed overnight – with police reporting a number of crashes – and wintry showers will continue in parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.
    Drivers have been warned of dangerous conditions that have made some roads impassable – and Britons have been urged to prepare for another blast of severe weather when potentially life-threatening Storm Gareth hits with 70mph winds this week.

    Then we’ll see if it becomes a reality. SMHI’s latest forecasts point to new large snowfalls over large parts of the Highlands.
    According to the forecasts, a lot of snow is expected during the week, starting late on Tuesday morning and until Sunday evening. On high Highlands in the west, around Nässjö and Malmbäck, it can be more than the equivalent of 30 cm snow. It is conceivable that the upside down Tomtabacken falls even more snow.

  10. I live in the UK, Hertfordshire, and I would never waste my money on useless ragbags like the Express and Mail. Every year without fail they keep printing the same old filth and scaremongering predictions. The terms used are always “Arctic Britain”, “Ice Age”, “Worst winter for 100 years”, “The Big Freeze” etc. The purpose is to frighten the public so we empty the Tesco’s Metro Centres of stock, pile it all into our cars, only most of the food will go off before we get round to eating it. We also buy plenty of winter gear, everything from anti-freeze for the car to warm sweaters and wellington boots. I buy whisky but I was going to buy that anyway LOL.
    Please ask any british academic from any discipline whatsoever about the Express and Mail. I don’t know anyone who is ready to risk his professional reputation by quoting from such disreputable journals.
    I still believe the climate is very mysterious and ice ages can hit with no warning though.

  11. CONCERNING THE UK WEATHER in recent years:
    In my opinion there are many factors: 1) The world is heading into an ICE-AGE whether the GLOBAL WARMISTS like it or not. 2) Powerful nations like the USA, RUSSIA and the UK have and use H.A.A.R.P Weather machines. The question is what are thy trying to control with these WEATHER MACHINES and related CHEMTRAILS? Global Warming is simply a false MANTRA that makes billions of $ through simple DENIAL of the REAL TRUTH about the CLIMATE AND ENDLESS LIES TO PROP UP THEGLOBAL WARMING CABAL, not to mention causing fear, as well as blaming the people for the CO2 problem, when even the so-called problem is itself actually fictitous. 3) WHAT are the POWERS that be really up to? Overall I think that THEY are afraid of the coming ICE-AGE, and are trying to hold it back, by altering the position of the JET-STREAM and holding it north of the UK for as much as possible in the winter, which causes MILD winters in the UK. Thus generally THEY can state FALSE NARRATIVE that GLOBAL WARMING is true! if you look around the NORTHERN HEMISHPERE you find exceptionally cold winters everywhere, and especially in the USA with record LOW temps, but not only in the USA are cold temp records being broken. The problem is even THE POWERS THAT BE in the UK cannot afford to keep the Weather machines on all the time, and that is when I believe that we in the UK get EXTREME COLD WEATHER. It tends to happen suddenly, like someone turning a switch off. Last year it was ‘BEAST FROM THE EAST’ from Feb 28th to 10th March. We had 7 foot snow-drifts blocking all of the main roads and most people didn’t bother going to work for a week in the rural areas. We will probably get another LATE WINTER EXTREME COLD episode this month of March.
    See my website: http://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/413447332

  12. I rather think they were pretty severe prior to the 80s?
    and then a few years of milder ones
    moving back to the older pattern i think

    i grew up reading older books from UK and thought the Thames freezing over/massive snows etc were the expected weather there;-)

  13. Andie, not sure if you are from the UK or not but I live on the south coast and travel a fair bit across the country and I would say they are pretty much about average. We had a very cold spell last Feb/march but otherwise it has been your “average” British weather – very changeable. We are so exposed to the vagaries of the atlantic weather patterns that you never really know whats coming one day to the next. Very windy and sunny here today and 9c. Tomorrow is forecast wet and windy, perhaps a bit of frost later in the week. I saw some snow up in Yorkshire at the w/end but nothing really unusual in that.

  14. The Express? Sorry, folks, but when it comes to weather they print any old rubbish just to sell more newspapers. If they forecast thirteen inches of snow, get your barbecue ready!

  15. We haven’t had really really bad winters. Had some bitterly cold days and early snow and late snow but nothing like America and parts of europe. The problem is in uk that because we don’t get lots of snow every year there is no incentive to buy lots of snow ploughs so when we get an inch or two it’s pandemonium. The weather forecasters say heavy snow…5 cm and I think that’s just 2 inches.

  16. Sometimes, some of the British papers, not necessarily saying this one, are the only ones that tell what actually happened. It seems trendy here to understate weather events.

  17. Strange the weather had been here. Yesterday in the East midlands there was only hail, sometimes heavy. It was very windy as well, and then at night it was actually snowing. It was like a blizzard, strong winds and heavy snow and it went on for over 2 hours!

  18. The British climate tends to be mild. During the LIA, when the Thames iced over, people from parts of Europe where it was even colder, moved to England. Most likely southern England. So we should be pleased that we usually get lousy warm/cold/wet weather here. We may escape the worst of a LIA.

  19. This is reverse psychology they say itll be cold ad snow and it doesnt materialize….the UK is the center of the english speaking world andbhead of mjnd control and.weather manipulationso they can twist a lot of peoples.perception….maybe the uk has a bit of luck being surrounded by water and catched the warm while europe is blasted….just a thought

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