Vikings-Seahawks Game Could be Coldest Outdoor Game in Viking History

Temperatures Sunday morning in the Twin Cities should be below zero Fahrenheit (below -18 C), according to WCCO meteorologist Matt Brickman.

Early forecasts call for significant cold just in time for Seattle Seahawks fans to arrive in Minnesota for their playoff match against the Minnesota Vikings.

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According to SB Nation, this might be in the running for the coldest outdoor game in the history of the Minnesota Vikings.

Typically, high temperatures average 23 F (-5 C) in the Twin Cities from Jan. 9-17 while low temperatures average 7 F (-14 C).

Temps May Hover Around Zero For Sunday’s Vikings-Seahawks Game

9 thoughts on “Vikings-Seahawks Game Could be Coldest Outdoor Game in Viking History”

  1. We knew this was coming from our science classes in the 60’s. this was real science, not political science. No one should be surprised.

  2. if el nino didn’t do a switcheroo on itself this year, that zero degrees might be parking itself on the white house front lawn.

    luckily for them it did because the only weather that matters is within the DC beltway just like every other thing.

  3. Has anyone told the US sports authorities that outdoor football in the Northern Midwest in January is a bit iffy?!

  4. If these games are still around in 70 years from now, then kids watching the game this Sunday in Minneapolis will still know what sub-zero temps feel like by then!

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