Winter-like snow in Minneapolis

Shocks Minnesotans.

Minnesota snow before Anchorage first snow

Traffic cameras Friday morning made parts of the metro look like the middle of winter, but the snow largely melted as soon as it hit the ground, Jennifer Mayerle reports.


Thanks to Ryan for this link

“One of the earliest snows in Minneapolis, before the average first snow got to Anchorage Alaska,” says Ryan.

7 thoughts on “Winter-like snow in Minneapolis”

  1. Okay. But one early snow means does not make a trend. I’m waiting for more early snow. Lot’s of on time snow. And lots of late in the season snow.

  2. “Saturday night through Monday: This will be the coldest part of the next seven days. It`s possible that the cold will set new
    temperature records. The NBM guidance indicates high spread, whichnis not surprising, but single digit low temperatures are not out of the question for Sunday and Monday mornings if there is snow on the ground. High temperatures look to be in the 30s! If these temperatures verify, it will be as if we skipped past the rest of fall and jumped into winter. /SVH”

    NOAA forecast discussion for Washington State:

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