Winter suddenly returns to Russia

Blizzards – On May 10!

The cold atmospheric front brought snowfalls and a significant drop in temperature to the southern regions of Russia. In Adygea, Ingushetia and Dagestan on May 10, there were real blizzards.

Snow and frost were also observed in the Stavropol and Krasnodar regions, as well as in  Karachay-Cherkessia. The air temperature in some areas dropped below zero.

According to forecasters, this weather with low temperatures, sleet and hail will remain there until the end of the week.

See videos:

Thanks to Alexey Parkhomenko in Russia for this link

This is in the south of European part of Russia, Alexey explains.

9 thoughts on “Winter suddenly returns to Russia”

  1. And people on Facebook are finally realizing that Spring in America has yet to come. SC KY has been 10-20 F under for most of Feb, April, March and May!
    I may not get my tomatoes in till June!

  2. Good luck planting your summer crops under that blanket of white. Perhaps snowmen have nutritional value?

  3. Here’s a question I asked quite some time ago. Did Russia invade and take over Crimea as an act of aggression or as an act of survival because they saw this coming????

    • Putin wants the access to Black Sea, so that he can ship oil and natural gas to customers, including the USA. The Black Sea is his only available access route to the Mediterranean.

  4. Winter suddenly returns to Russia?????

    No! It did not live and it’s gonna stay!
    It’s Russia’s fault anyway. We cannot prove but they were involved to some degree.

  5. this is how ice ages begin! Just like the very late season snowfalls in the Rockies of the US and frosts elsewhere.

  6. So when will The Whole of The UK Get some of this White Global Warming Goodness?
    This Coming Winter? I HOPE it’ll be SOON so then I can put Prove to Dad that We are In Trouble and NOT from this Made Up Man Caused Warming CRAP that Is STILL be put out there my the Media….

  7. I just checked a live webcam from the Lizard in Cornwall, England. There is heavy snow everywhere. It’s 9:30PM CDT where I live, and the UK is about 6 hours ahead of me. The Lizard is a peninsula on the southern part of the Cornish coast.

    Snow in the middle of May….? And we’re just barely getting any warm weather at all in the upper Midwest. Did snow here the beginning of May, but it didn’t last and I did not get photos, unfortunately. Yeah, it’s chilly here, more like mid-April than mid-May.

    What’s next?

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