You Want Evidence? Here It Is

Here is just a bit of the evidence that illegal voting took place (as listed on We’re not talking about “a mere handful” of instances as the media would have you believe. We’re talking about thousands.


 Illegal Votes
17,327 mail-in ballots cast in the names of deceased voters MI Material 22/11/2020
40,000 mail-in ballots cast in the names of deceased voters PA Material 22/11/2020
32.6% of 1706 sample received absentee ballots without their request PA Material 17/11/2020
Rejected absentee ballots: 3.5% in 2018 to 0.3% in 2020 despite 500% more votes GA Statistical 14/11/2020
66% of dead registered voters, born between 1800 and 1899, voted PA Material 15/11/2020
3,000 instances of alleged voter fraud filed with AG by Nevada GOP NV Witness 16/11/2020
18,000 mail-in ballots with no “Mailed Date” only a return date after Nov 3rd PA Material 16/11/2020
PA DoS removed signature verification from all mail-in ballots PA Court Ruling 16/11/2020
132,000 “Change of Address” flags in single county GA Material 16/11/2020
“X” used for signatures  in fraudulent voter registrations PA Witness 16/11/2020
9,626 vote errors discovered by recount monitor GA Witness 18/11/2020
6,000 illegal votes in NV, according to NV District Attorney NV Material 17/11/2020
1,600+ voters born 1800 and 1900 voted by mail in NC NC Document 17/11/2020
8,000 voter applications submitted by couple on behalf of homeless and the dead CA Material 18/11/2020
223,000 intractable mail-in ballots sent to wrong addresses NV Material 18/11/2020
109,421 mail-in ballots “returned” for counting before they were mailed PA Material 18/11/2020
15,000 Nevada voters suspected to have also voted outside state NV Material 18/11/2020

See more of the list:

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8 thoughts on “You Want Evidence? Here It Is”

  1. Makes no difference.

    The legal system is corrupt.

    There is not enough time to go through the legal process.

    Biden will be anointed “President” long enough to “resign” and get Harris the position.

    From then on, there will NEVER be another Republican President, nor ever a White Male President.

    On January 29, 1933, Germany was a “free” nation. 24 hours later, January 30, 1933, Hitler was voted in as Chancellor. We will have the EXACT same thing happen here, and for the exact same reasons.

  2. I am sure that The New York Times will do an in depth study of this and announce “nothing to see here, move along!”

    The truth regarding this “election” is that you hear nothing about it that is not controlled by the Main Scream Media and its “social” partners. We will never actually know how corrupted this election was because that information is not important compared to PCR test results and the need to limit family gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas to 6 or under, “so we can prevent the spread of this disease.”

    You know, the one they never isolated but were able to kill a lot of people by not prescribing the actual medical treatment that their medical condition needed because it wouldn’t look like COVID if they did.

  3. Do any of the fools and idiots out there wearing their masks, standing on their little circles, pushing their little social cause illusions, who buy into the MSM spin, truly understand how much worse it will get if this election is allowed to stand, the Green New Deal becomes our energy policy, and we re-engage the global warming fraud of the Paris Accord?

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